Перспективы развития и достижения МОТОР SICH JSC. Генеральный директор В.А. Богуслаев



Перспективы развития и достижения МОТОР SICH JSC .Генеральный директор В.А. Богуслаев

Motor Sich JSC had accumulated much experience in the field of gas-turbine machine-building, carried out the market research and analyzed the experience of CIS and other foreign countries before it launched the production of industrial ground-application installations and gas-turbine drives.
At present Motor Sich JSC manufactures a wide range of industrial equipment:
-1; 6.3; 8 and 10 MW gas-turbine drives (GTDs);
-1; 2.5 and 6 MW gas-turbine power generating sets (technical documentation for 8 and
10 MW power generating sets has been developed);
-1 MW turboexpander power generating unit;
-Heating and cooling plant.
The block-transportable and mobile power generating sets are intended to be used as the main, stand-by and peak-load electric power source for industrial and domestic needs. The power generating sets can operate in parallel with the trunk power network of any capacity.
The GTDs are used to drive the power generating sets as well as oil- and gas-pumping units.
The modular design of GTDs and power generating sets makes the transportation and installation period shorter and minimizes the starting expenditures.
All products of Motor Sich JSC are provided with the up-to-date automatic operation systems to be successfully operated under various climatic conditions at temperature ranging from -60C to +45C at 2, 000 m above sea level. Our equipment can be operated on both gaseous and liquid fuel. Reliability and quality of the company’s produce is recognized and approved by the certificates of transnational company BVQI.
The 6.3; 8 and 10 MW gas-turbine drives of the D-336 family are designed for the gas-pumping units, gas-turbine power generating sets, booster compressor stations, underground gas storage stations and other industrial installations.
The GTDs are up to the modern technical level as far as the parameters is concerned and can be successfully used either in the newly-built compressor stations or as a retrofit version in the stations operated now.
The positive dynamics of selling the D-336-family GTDs proves the success of the company-adopted strategy.
Quality and reliability of the land-use produce have been proven by its successful operation in many countries worldwide. The major customers of our equipment are the countries of Latin America (Brasil, Argentina), Middle East (Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Turkmenistan), South-East Asia (Pakistan, China).
So, from 1996 on 52 drives featuring capacity of 6.3; 8 and 1 MW have been shipped to Ukrainian and foreign customers.
The drives function effectively and have accumulated over 180,000 operating hours.
It should be specially noted that since 1997 Iran, Turkey and Turkmenistan have received 12, 4 and 2 D-336-2, D-336-2T and AI-336-2-6 drives accordingly as part of the gas-pumping units produced by Frunze SMNPO JSC.
It should be pointed out that over the years of operating our equipment the customers have lodged no claims, which guarantees the future mutually-beneficial cooperation.
Despite the tough world competition between industrial equipment-makers the customers have interest in our equipment due to its high performance, efficiency of the power generating sets, TBO of components, cutting-edge automatic control system, acceptable maintenance terms and price.

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